We are an active community association run by a dedicated group of volunteers in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.  We exist to enrich the quality of life for the Briarwood Community through sport, culture and recreation.  We envision our success as an inclusive, vibrant, safe and caring community.  New volunteers and members are always welcome!

Soccer Volunteers Needed

The Briarwood Community Association requires many volunteers to be able to run our soccer program. Volunteers can be parents/guardians, older siblings, grandparents, community members, high school or university students.

Coaches, Assistant Coaches and Managers are needed for each team- free training is provided and is mandatory for coaches.

Kinder Soccer Coordinator – duties include attending kinder soccer each week (only on your child’s night), unlock the equipment, make sure coaches pick it up and return it, answering questions and communicating with the soccer coordinator.

Soccer equipment manager-duties include taking inventory of equipment, sorting and assigning to teams, organizing pick-up and helping to order new equipment (this person will work in cooperation with the soccer coordinator)