Briarwood Outdoor Rink is OPEN!!

Thank you for your assistance and patience while our volunteers worked to get the ice prepared. The rink is now open until 10:00 PM daily. As with everything else, things are a little different this year due to Covid-19: 

  • Based on the current COS guidelines we are not able to place our BCA hockey nets on the rink until at least December 18 unless advised different. Residents are asked to not bring nets and if any nets are left at the rink we will have to remove them. Please see the COS Public Service Announcement (PSA) on our website regarding both indoor and outdoor rinks.
  • At this time BCA will not be providing supervised public skating times due to lack of volunteers. If you are interested and are prepared to follow the requirements for skating supervisors as outlined in the attached PSA then please contact us at and if we have enough volunteers to cover a minimum of 6 hours per week we will reconsider.

Please observe the rink rules posted at the rink was well as the additional Covid-19 protocols. 

We remind residents that this venue is entirely run by volunteers and operating costs are paid by BCA. If you are enjoying this venue and have not yet purchased a BCA membership for 2020-2021 please consider purchase of one using this website.

Happy skating and stay safe!!

City of Saskatoon – Public Service Announcement

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