Kinder Soccer

BCA will host Kinder soccer this spring for children ages 3 and 4. Due to current Covid-19 restrictions game play is not allowed but we will instead offer skill building activities. Registration is limited to 8 participants. We will be taking registration for Tuesday evening commencing mid-May, if there is additional demand, we may also offer Wednesday evening. Two coaches/organizers are needed for the session, please volunteer otherwise the program cannot run! For complete information refer to our Online registration.

2021 AGM

Our virtual AGM for 2021 is scheduled for Tuesday, April 20 at 7 PM. The agenda includes a brief presentation of 2020 accomplishments and tentative plans for 2021. Also included is the usual presentation of past year financials, budget for this year and election of Board of Directors. We have a number of vacant positions that may be of interest to you. More details are available from our March 2021 newsletter.

Our AGM will also include an open forum with Ward 8 Councillor Sarina Gersher who will provide a short update on current civic issues and the residential speed limit review which is underway.

Please join us by emailing for web sign in credentials.

End of Season Approaching

X-Country Ski Trails in Donna Birkmaier Park

The X-Country Trails were groomed today and are currently in good condition. However, based on the current forecast of warmer weather on the weekend this will likely be the last grooming of the winter. We hope you enjoyed the trails this past season and we will provide more information regarding future plans in the months ahead!!

Outdoor Rink in Briarwood Park

As users of the outdoor rink may have noticed this past weekend, the ice is starting to experience a lot of cracks and unfortunately due to fluctuating temperatures there is little that we can do to remediate. We will keep the rink open as long as possible however if the ice deteriorates much further we will have to shut down as there will be risk of damage to the liner if the ice starts to break out in larger pieces. When the time comes Notice of rink closure will be posted on our website and Facebook page and we will also put up signage at the rink advising residents to please stay off. We thank you in advance for your cooperation.

X-country ski lessons

The weather forecast is looking great for the weekend, so we are once again offering x-country ski lessons for beginners or those in need of a refresher. A two day session is planned for Saturday, Feb 20 and Sunday Feb 21. Register online.

Our community trails are expected to be groomed Wednesday, just in time for the warmer weather. Take it outside and enjoy Donna Birkmaier Park.

Beginner Learn to Cross Country Ski Lessons

BCA is pleased to be able to offer beginner lessons in cross country skiing. Lessons will cover the basics of equipment, grip waxing,  stance, balance, movement on skis, diagonal stride, double poling and a gentle introduction to downhill on x-country skis. Lessons will consist of two one hour sessions at Kinsmen Park. Pre-registration is required as class size is limited to 8 participants. We have scheduled the first sessions based on current weather forecasts and will offer more sessions in the future if demand and conditions are favourable. All participants must have their own ski equipment and masks are required, instruction takes place out doors. For more information and to register- Briarwood Online Registration > Home (

Briarwood Outdoor Rink is OPEN!!

Thank you for your assistance and patience while our volunteers worked to get the ice prepared. The rink is now open until 10:00 PM daily. As with everything else, things are a little different this year due to Covid-19: 

  • Based on the current COS guidelines we are not able to place our BCA hockey nets on the rink until at least December 18 unless advised different. Residents are asked to not bring nets and if any nets are left at the rink we will have to remove them. Please see the COS Public Service Announcement (PSA) on our website regarding both indoor and outdoor rinks.
  • At this time BCA will not be providing supervised public skating times due to lack of volunteers. If you are interested and are prepared to follow the requirements for skating supervisors as outlined in the attached PSA then please contact us at and if we have enough volunteers to cover a minimum of 6 hours per week we will reconsider.

Please observe the rink rules posted at the rink was well as the additional Covid-19 protocols. 

We remind residents that this venue is entirely run by volunteers and operating costs are paid by BCA. If you are enjoying this venue and have not yet purchased a BCA membership for 2020-2021 please consider purchase of one using this website.

Happy skating and stay safe!!

City of Saskatoon – Public Service Announcement

Rink ice is almost ready, but not yet!

Our hardworking volunteers are in the process of flooding however it is imperative that everyone stay off the ice and ensure that ice and snow is not thrown on the surface. Despite all the effort to develop a smooth skating surface we have had several instances of ice and snow being thrown on the rink while the water was still freezing and now we are now trying to remove these lumps without damaging the ice which is proving almost impossible. We need your help to ensure that unsupervised children are aware of this and ask that any adults who witness these actions please intervene. We hope to complete flooding in the next few days however any repairs to the ice will require additional time and the final product is going to be inferior.

Thank you for your assistance and patience.