Briarwood Pond

Briarwood Pond Rink Update

As indicated in the Briarwood Community Association December newsletter, we were not allowed to set up the pond rink until Saskatoon Fire & Protective Services deemed the ice safe (16 inches). We were advised informally on January 8 that the ice was now safe and that signage around the lake would be flipped up. Unfortunately, this was also the start of the most recent cold weather which prevented us from doing ice surface preparation until this past week. Although the signs have still not been flipped, on Friday, January 19th we attempted to do ice preparation however the freezing/thawing cycles we have experienced since the ice formed has created a frozen layer of slush on the surface and cannot be removed with our existing power equipment. Our only option at this time appears to be contracting heavier equipment to remove the top layer however this would require additional approvals from the City of Saskatoon. As a result, it is quite possible that we will not be able to set up the pond rink this winter.

If you are interested in the future of a skating surface in Briarwood, either on or off the lake please take a few minutes to complete our survey which also appears on this website. If you are interested in assisting with future setup and ice maintenance, please include your contact information in the comments. We are planning to bring forward a motion to invest funds for equipment and material to construct a temporary rink surface in the proximity of the Briarwood Community Centre at the Annual General Meeting currently planned for Wednesday, April 18, 2018. Please watch for further information on this issue and please plan to attend.

Thank you.

Briarwood Community Association Board of Directors