Board Members

The Briarwood Community Association serves the needs of residents in this diverse, growing neighborhood. It actively represents local interests in discussions with the City on quality of life issues such as school, park, and community centre development. To promote a sense of community, volunteers organize various events throughout the year, including a spring garage sale, summer barbecue, fall golf classic, and winter festival. Every winter, they maintain the outdoor rink on Briarwood Pond. The Association welcomes newcomers.

President Vacant  
Past President Eldon Ortman
Vice-President Vacant  
Secretary Vacant  
Treasurer Nora Ortman
Indoor Program Coordinator Vacant
Team Sports Coordinator Liana Gaspers
Social Coordinator Shirley Zhou
Communications Coordinator Jordan Turcotte
Civics Coordinator Bruce Richet
Parks Coordinator Vacant  
Volunteer Coordinator Vacant
Membership Coordinator Vacant – 
Rink Coordinator Vacant  
Recreation Centre Coordinator Lou Anne Turcotte
Community Consultant Mark Planchot
Director-at-Large Jeff Taylor
Director-at-Large Wally Leis
Director-at-Large Prem Sharma
Director-at-Large  Vacant