Meet our Instructors

Ron Schick – Tai Chi

Ron has 25 years of experience in the Yang and Sun style internal arts. He is trained in Tai Chi sabre, sword, cane, staff, knife and hand combat. He also has training in Neigong, Qigong and core strength. He knows Chi Sao (sticky hands) and Push Hands. He has been named a teacher by Sifu Kent Mark, Sifu Blair Charters, and Sifu Robert Ferguson.

Lisa Gurski Risling – Group Fitness

Lisa has been an SPRA Certified Group Fitness instructor for 28 years. As a resident of Briarwood, she thoroughly enjoys instructing classes in her community. Her formal dance training and extensive experience leading fitness classes enable her to adapt to meet the diverse needs of any participant. Lisa looks forward to helping you meet your fitness goals!

Nelda Werbicki – Group Fitness

Nelda has been a group fitness instructor for the past 20 years and a personal trainer for 12. She is certified in SPRA group fitness, Spin, Bender Ball and Yoga. She has worked as an instructor with California Fitness, Bikini Bootcamp and over the past 5 years has her own personal training programs inside and outdoors. As a Special Needs Teacher and a mother of two Nelda knows how difficult it can be to be physically active. Nelda hopes to inspire others to be the best they can be and attain whatever fitness goals they may have.

Sheri Wiebe – Yoga

Sheri has been an SPRA-certified fitness instructor for the past 19 years and a yoga instructor for the past 4.  A lifetime of fitness prior to becoming an instructor made teaching a natural fit for Sheri. She completed her RYT200 in 2018 and is currently working towards her RYT500. She instructs classes for the City of Saskatoon, the University of Saskatchewan (students and the Huskies), North Battleford Girls Junior Huskies, Community Associations and private groups.

Sheri specializes in fitness and power yoga, but has trained in everything from gentle and chair yoga to recovery from grief and tensions relief for specific muscle groups.  Understanding the struggle to strike a work-life balance, Sheri’s passion is assisting others by providing yoga classes tailored to fit the needs of her participants.